Authorized Reseller FAQs

To view and/or print the FAQs:

What information should I have available for the Authorization?

Be prepared to provide the following:

  • Authorization Pass Code provided within the Registration email sent from, or from either Sales Rep or Authorized Yakima Distributor

  • First and Last Name - Must be owner, officer or authorized company signatory as it will appear as the signatory name on the executed Agreement & applicable Addendums

  • Creation of a Username for your company that cannot be changed

  • Creation of a Password that can be changed

  • Primary Email Address and two additional Email Addresses to be used for all critical email business communications

  • Primary Company Telephone number to be used as a search key for inquiries into the validation of your Authorization status (Distributors may use this tool to validate a Dealer’s Authorization status)

  • Corporate Company Website URL (if applicable)

  • Company legal name – correct spelling is important

  • Company DBA(s) – accuracy and correct spelling are important as this is the Company Name we will use for our end user Dealer locator

  • Primary Company headquarters/corporate/legal address

  • Resale Certificate / Tax Exemption Certificate – PDF of the Resale Tax Exemption Certificate; Yakima Products, Inc. must be listed as the Seller and the document must be signed

  • All Online URLs – Including marketplaces, Seller names, and Corporate URLs

  • Business contacts including Owners, Primary Day-to-Day, Buyer/ Merchandiser/Purchasing and Accounts Receivable, etc.